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12 Free Advertising Platforms for Your Business in Mzansi Magazine

Top Free Advertising Platforms That Are Essential for Your Business Growth


12 Free Advertising Platforms That Can Help Your Business

Online free advertising, through classified ad websites, provides a powerful means for businesses to promote themselves. These platforms offer both free and paid options, allowing businesses to gain exposure while fitting within their advertising budgets. They cover diverse categories like furniture, appliances, vehicles, and electronics, attracting an ideal audience.

Creating free advertising on these platforms benefits businesses with limited marketing budgets. It enhances visibility and drives traffic to the business website, improving search engine rankings. For those without a website, understanding the advantages of having an online presence can significantly benefit their business.

Free advertising sites are an effective channel to reach a broad audience, especially for businesses looking to advertise within budget constraints due to the substantial daily visitor count.

Let’s take the example of Gumtree, currently the 19th most visited website in South Africa, indicating its substantial user engagement. Gumtree leads the pack with an estimated 8.6 million monthly visits. Other platforms, such as Junk Mail, Locanto South Africa, Ads Africa, Public Ads, Class Ads, Howzit, Afribaba, and Booc South Africa, provide significant exposure opportunities.

However, it’s essential to note the closure of OLX in South Africa as of February 1, 2022.

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12 free advertising platforms for your business

Gumtree – Free Advertising

Gumtree stands out as a titan among free advertising platforms, heralded as one of South Africa’s most beloved and frequently visited sites for classified ads. Boasting an estimated 8.6 million monthly visits, Gumtree has established itself as the go-to destination for various advertisements, ranging from furniture and appliances to vehicles and electronics.

Its broad user base and extensive reach offer businesses an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their products and services to a vast audience, making it an indispensable resource for those seeking to enhance their online visibility.

What sets Gumtree apart is its popularity and the depth of engagement it fosters among its users. According to, Gumtree is the 19th most visited website in South Africa, emphasising the substantial amount of time users spend on the site. On Gumtree, visitors browse an average of six pages and spend seven minutes on the site, creating an immersive experience for businesses to grow and gain exposure.

Key Features:

  • High User Engagement: Users spend an average of seven minutes browsing and six pages per visit, showcasing Gumtree’s captivating appeal.
  • Multiple Categories: You can advertise across various segments, ensuring your target audience is within reach.
  • Detailed Listings: Provide in-depth information about your products or services, including photos and descriptions, to attract potential customers.
  • User Reviews: Positive customer reviews can build credibility and trust, influencing buying decisions.

Junk Mail

Junk Mail emerges as a venerable and trusted hub for online free advertising, particularly renowned for its extensive history and reliability in South Africa. With an estimated 1.5 million monthly visits, Junk Mail predominantly stands out for its focus on vehicle advertisements while offering over 30 diverse categories for users to post their ads in.

Its longevity in the market has cultivated a sense of trust among users, positioning it as a go-to platform for those seeking or selling vehicles, making it an ideal space for businesses looking to target this specific market segment.

Junk Mail’s dedication to providing a variety of categories beyond just vehicles distinguishes it. This expansion allows for diverse advertisements, appealing to a broader audience beyond the automotive sector. The platform’s long-standing presence and monthly visits underscore its stability and efficacy, giving businesses a reliable channel to connect with potential customers and bolster their brand visibility within the online marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Strong Focus on Vehicles: This platform is a goldmine for businesses in the automotive industry, allowing them to target a specific and highly engaged audience.
  • Diverse Categories: While vehicles are its primary focus, Junk Mail also offers various categories, catering to diverse businesses.
  • Established Reputation: Its long-standing presence has cultivated trust among users, making it an ideal platform to connect with potential customers who prioritise reliability.

Locanto, South Africa

Locanto South Africa emerges as a versatile and expansive free advertising classifieds platform, extending its services across more than 58 countries. Despite its widespread availability, with an estimated 660 thousand monthly visits, Locanto provides a multifaceted space for advertising, enabling businesses to post their offerings across various categories.

However, one prevailing issue is the influx of spam ads that disrupt user experiences, a drawback that can deter those seeking quality service providers. Despite this, Locanto remains a robust platform, offering many opportunities for businesses to advertise their products and services in a global online marketplace, albeit with occasional navigational challenges due to spam entries.

Locanto’s appeal is due to its global reach and diverse categories, which allow for broad advertisement placement. The platform engages a large user base, as evidenced by its monthly visit count.

By leveraging Locanto’s extensive network, businesses can showcase their offerings within South Africa and to an international audience, expanding their market potential. While the spam ads pose a challenge, the platform’s popularity and global presence make it an attractive space for businesses seeking increased visibility and access to a broad audience base.

Key Features:

  • Global Reach: Expand your market reach beyond South Africa, gaining exposure to a diverse international audience.
  • Diverse Categories: To maximise your visibility and connect with a broad audience, post your ads across various categories.
  • Content Management: Control your listings, editing or updating them as needed to ensure your information is accurate and current.
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Ads Africa – Free Advertising

Ads Africa is a streamlined and user-friendly platform for posting classified ads, available in over 18 countries and garnering an estimated 1.3 million monthly visitors. This expansive reach signifies the platform’s popularity and suggests a broad audience base for businesses to engage with.

The straightforward nature of Ads Africa’s interface makes it an accessible space for businesses to advertise their products or services, catering to various categories and attracting diverse users. With its significant monthly visit count, Ads Africa allows businesses to tap into a sizable online community to increase visibility and reach potential customers across different regions.

The platform’s availability in multiple countries indicates its international appeal, allowing businesses in South Africa and other regions to access a global audience. However, more specific information regarding Ads Africa’s user engagement and specific user demographics could help a targeted approach for certain businesses.

Despite this, its user-friendly interface and significant monthly visits make Ads Africa a viable option for businesses seeking an accessible and far-reaching platform to advertise their products or services.

Key Features:

  • International Reach: Connect with a global audience across diverse regions, expanding your market potential.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Ads Africa is intuitive, making it simple for businesses to create and manage their listings.
  • Diverse Categories: To reach a broader audience, cover various categories, ensuring your ad aligns with user interests.

Public Ads

Public Ads is a robust and versatile platform offering free ad listings that expire after 30 days, with additional premium options available for extended visibility. Despite not having readily available estimated monthly visitor statistics, Public Ads provides a flexible advertising environment where users can feature their ads on the homepage for up to 90 days.

This feature-rich platform caters to diverse categories, allowing businesses to advertise their products or services across various segments. Public Ads’ emphasis on free and premium advertising options offers businesses a range of choices to maximise their visibility and connect with a broad user base.

The platform’s ability to feature ads on the homepage for an extended period stands out as a beneficial feature, indicating a commitment to increasing business visibility. However, the absence of estimated monthly visitor counts might limit businesses’ insights into the potential reach and engagement on the platform.

Despite this, public advertising’s flexibility in ad placement and duration, as well as the opportunity to feature ads on the homepage, creates a space where businesses can leverage free and premium options to improve their online visibility.

Key Features:

  • Free and Premium Options: Choose the advertising strategy that aligns with your budget and marketing goals, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Homepage Feature: Display your ads prominently on the platform’s homepage, attracting more attention and generating more leads.
  • Diverse Categories: To reach a large audience, cover multiple categories, maximising your potential customer base.

Class Ads

Class Ads offers a straightforward and user-friendly approach to advertising, enabling users to post both free and premium/featured advertisements. However, specific estimated monthly visitor statistics for the platform are not readily available. This lack of data regarding visitor counts could pose a challenge to businesses in assessing the platform’s potential reach and engagement.

Nonetheless, Class Ads’ simple interface allows for quick ad posting, catering to businesses seeking a hassle-free way to showcase their products or services online.

Despite the absence of confirmed visitor metrics, the platform’s free and premium ad options indicate a potential avenue for businesses to increase their online visibility. The straightforward nature of class ads allows for efficient ad creation and placement.

However, the presence of visitor statistics might help businesses make informed decisions about the platform’s effectiveness for their advertising needs. Nevertheless, Class Ads serves as a user-friendly space for businesses seeking a simple and accessible platform to post advertisements, whether gratis or with enhanced features.

Key Features:

  • Free and Premium Options: Select the advertising approach that best suits your marketing needs and budget.
  • Simple Interface: Easily create and manage your ads, streamlining the advertising process.
  • Targeted Audience: Although visitor statistics are not readily available, the platform caters to a specific audience that is interested in classified ads.


Howzit emerged as a notable South African advertising website, offering a unique feature that allows users to “bump” their ads daily to maintain visibility on the listing pages. Although specific estimated monthly visitor statistics for Howzit are unavailable, this platform provides a user-friendly environment for businesses to post ads and ensure sustained visibility by regularly refreshing their listings.

The ability to bump ads daily suggests a commitment to providing a space where businesses can actively engage with the platform, even though specific visitor metrics remain undisclosed.

The feature allowing users to bump their ads daily on Howzit presents an advantage for businesses aiming to maintain visibility on the platform’s listing pages. However, confirmed monthly visitor counts allow businesses to comprehend the platform’s potential reach and audience engagement.

Despite this limitation, Howzit is a promising space for businesses seeking a platform that allows them to actively manage their ad visibility. However, they need more transparent information on visitor statistics. The platform’s user-friendly interface and the daily bump feature provide a practical environment for businesses to promote their products or services within the online marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Daily Bump Feature: Stay ahead of the competition by actively managing your ad’s visibility and ensuring it stays fresh in users’ minds.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate the platform and create engaging listings that attract user attention.
  • Targeted Audience: The platform caters to a South African audience, allowing you to connect with local potential customers.

Afribaba – Free Advertising

Afribaba is a solid choice for businesses looking to post free advertising, offering both free and premium advertising options to improve ad exposure. Unfortunately, specific estimated monthly visitor statistics for Afribaba are not readily available. The platform’s free and premium advertising choices suggest a space where businesses can increase their visibility.

However, the need for confirmed visitor metrics could challenge businesses to assess the platform’s reach and effectiveness. Despite this limitation, Afribaba offers an opportunity for businesses to leverage different ad exposure options, enhancing their online visibility within the market.

The availability of free and premium advertising options on Afribaba indicates a potential avenue for businesses to maximise their visibility. However, specific visitor metrics might help businesses understand the platform’s reach and engagement potential.

Regardless, Afribaba provides businesses with a platform to showcase their products or services through various advertising options, emphasising different promotional choices, even if specific visitor statistics remain undisclosed. Its emphasis on free ad posting and premium exposure opportunities highlights a space where businesses can explore different ad visibility strategies to enhance their online presence.

Key Features:

  • Free and Premium Options: Select the advertising approach that aligns with your budget and marketing goals, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Diverse Categories: Advertise in a variety of categories, ensuring your target audience is within reach.
  • User Engagement: The platform encourages user interaction, allowing businesses to connect with potential customers and build relationships.

Booc, South Africa

Booc South Africa stands out as a free advertising posting site that offers featured listing options, catering to businesses looking to enhance their visibility. However, users have noted that the platform’s listings appear spammy, potentially impacting the user experience. Specific estimated monthly visitor statistics for Booc South Africa are not readily available, limiting insights into the platform’s reach and potential engagement.

Despite the challenge in user experience due to the nature of some listings, Booc South Africa remains a platform that allows businesses to feature their ads. However, the absence of confirmed visitor metrics might hinder businesses from comprehending the platform’s reach and effectiveness.

The availability of featured listing options on Booc South Africa indicates an opportunity for businesses seeking increased visibility. However, the platform’s listings appearing spammy may present a hurdle to providing a quality user experience.

Nevertheless, Booc South Africa is a platform where businesses can highlight their offerings through featured listings, despite needing more specific visitor statistics. Its emphasis on offering options for enhanced exposure highlights a space for businesses to explore different strategies to bolster their online presence. However, the potential impact of the spammy-looking listings remains a consideration for user engagement.

Key Features:

  • Featured Listings: Highlight your ads and make them stand out, attracting attention and generating more leads.
  • Leverage the platform’s free advertising posting options to maximise your advertising budget.
  • Diverse Categories: To reach a large audience, cover multiple categories, maximising your potential customer base.

Facebook Marketplace – Free Advertising

Facebook Marketplace stands out as a prominent and versatile platform for businesses looking to advertise their products or services online. This integrated feature within the social media giant allows users to buy, sell, and trade within their local communities, offering various categories such as clothing, electronics, and home goods.

The platform capitalises on Facebook’s vast user base, providing businesses with access to a large and engaged audience, potentially improving their visibility without incurring additional advertising costs. With its user-friendly interface and the convenience of seamless integration into the popular social media platform, Facebook Marketplace becomes an attractive avenue for businesses to reach a broad spectrum of potential customers and promote their offerings effectively.

One of the significant advantages of using Facebook Marketplace is its inherent social aspect, which leverages users’ connections and shared interests to facilitate sales and interactions. Businesses can benefit from the platform’s integration with Facebook, allowing them to tap into existing networks and target specific demographics based on interests and location.

While specific estimated monthly visitor statistics for Facebook Marketplace are not readily available, Facebook’s substantial user base suggests a vast potential audience. Businesses can use this feature to harness the power of social connections to expand their reach and engage with local communities, fostering a convenient and accessible platform for online advertising.

Key Features:

  • Vast User Base: Leverage Facebook’s immense reach to connect with millions of potential customers in your local area.
  • Social Integration: capitalise on social interactions and shared interests within Facebook’s network to drive engagement and sales.
  • Local Focus: Target your ads to specific geographic locations, ensuring you reach potential customers in your immediate area.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform offering multifaceted opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and visibility. Beyond being a space for professional connections, it is a powerful platform for advertising and promoting business services. Through the platform’s advertising solutions, businesses can leverage targeted marketing, reaching specific demographics based on industry, job titles, or interests.

LinkedIn’s robust analytics provide insights into ad performance, allowing businesses to optimise their strategies and ensure their ads resonate with their intended audience. Though not entirely a free platform for advertising, its paid advertising options offer a substantial return on investment due to its focus on professional networking, making it an attractive space for businesses seeking B2B connections or a professional clientele.

LinkedIn’s distinct advantage lies in its emphasis on professional networking and the quality of its connections. It’s an ideal platform for B2B advertising, job postings, and promoting professional services. The platform’s ability to target specific professional demographics ensures businesses can tailor their ads to reach their target audience, enhancing their advertising efforts’ efficiency and effectiveness.

While it may not be entirely free for advertising, the cost is often justifiable due to the platform’s emphasis on quality engagement and professional connections, making it a strategic choice for businesses aiming to expand their professional network and reach a more specialised audience.

Key Features:

  • Professional Audience: Target your ads to specific industries, job titles, or professional interests, ensuring they reach the right decision-makers.
  • Targeted Marketing: Tailor your ads to specific demographics, enhancing their effectiveness and maximising your marketing budget.
  • Robust Analytics: Gain valuable insights into ad performance, optimise your campaigns, and maximise their impact.

Local newspapers or community boards

Local newspapers and community boards serve as invaluable, often overlooked, avenues for free advertising, especially for businesses targeting specific geographic areas or niche audiences. These platforms provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect with their local communities, sharing their products or services with a highly targeted audience.

With classified ads, special sections, or community notices, local newspapers and community boards offer cost-effective solutions, allowing businesses to reach out to residents who actively engage with these local sources. Whether advertising an event, a service, or a product, these platforms can offer a personal touch and a community-focused approach that resonates effectively with local consumers.

Local newspapers or community boards can also foster a sense of trust and reliability among residents, as these traditional forms of communication often hold a long-standing connection with the community. Smaller businesses, or those with niche offerings, can leverage these platforms to reach a specific audience interested in local news and events.

Additionally, many local newspapers have an online presence, extending their reach beyond physical distribution and allowing businesses to tap into local and digital audiences. This form of advertising supports local economies and encourages community engagement, presenting a highly effective way for businesses to increase visibility within their local area.

Key Features:

  • Local Focus: Connect with residents interested in local news and events, providing a targeted audience for your business.
  • Cost-effective: These platforms often offer affordable advertising options, allowing businesses to maximise their budget.
  • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of trust and reliability by connecting with your local community through these traditional media outlets.

Maximising Your Advertising Success:

While these free advertising platforms offer a wealth of opportunities, it’s essential to approach your advertising strategy with a well-defined plan.

  • Define your target audience: Identify your ideal customer, their interests, and where they spend their time online.
  • Craft compelling content: create engaging listings that highlight your unique selling points and resonate with your target audience.
  • Optimise Your Listings: Use relevant keywords, high-quality images, and detailed descriptions to make your listings stand out.
  • Keep track of your results. Track your progress, analyse your performance, and make adjustments to your advertising strategy as needed.
  • Be patient and consistent. Building a strong online presence takes time and effort. Be consistent with your advertising efforts and stay committed to your marketing goals.


Exploring the top 12 free advertising platforms reveals many opportunities for businesses seeking to bolster their online visibility without a significant financial investment. Each platform offers unique advantages and reaches different audiences, allowing businesses to tailor their approach based on their specific needs and target demographics.

From stalwarts like Gumtree and Junk Mail to more expansive options like Facebook Marketplace and LinkedIn, businesses have various choices catering to diverse advertising requirements.

The key lies in leveraging the strengths of each platform to amplify its online presence and engage with the right audience. While some platforms, such as LinkedIn, cater to professional networking and B2B interactions, others, like Facebook Marketplace, offer a more casual and community-based approach.

Traditional local newspapers and community boards play a significant role in connecting businesses with niche local audiences. Ultimately, the success of online advertising rests on a tailored strategy that harnesses the strengths of these platforms to achieve optimal visibility and engagement, depending on each business’s unique goals and offerings.

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FAQs about the Five Free Advertising Platforms

Do free advertising platforms work well? Even though free platforms may not provide as much control and targeting as paid advertising, they can still be quite beneficial for companies, particularly those with tight budgets. They enable you to create leads, expand your brand’s exposure, and connect with a large audience. The key is to craft engaging and informative listings, optimize them for search engines, and consistently monitor your rankings.

How can I choose the best platform for my company? Your industry, your target audience, and your particular objectives will determine which platform is ideal for you. Consider the site’s user base, features, accessible categories, and reputation. Examine many platforms, weigh their advantages, and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Is a website required to promote these platforms? Utilizing free advertising platforms doesn’t necessarily require having a website, but doing so may greatly improve your advertising efforts. Having a website enables you to display your goods and services, get leads, and provide more thorough information about your company. On the other hand, a lot of sites let you include a link to your contact details or social media accounts right in your listing.

When I use free advertising networks, can I monitor my performance? The majority of platforms include basic statistics, so you can see how many people view, click on, and inquire about your listings. It may be difficult to properly link free advertising to purchases, however. For deeper insights, use tools like Google Analytics to monitor website traffic and examine user behavior.

Does purchasing premium features on websites that provide free advertising make sense? On free sites, premium features may greatly increase your reach and exposure. They do, however, have a price. Make sure the extra expenditure fits both your marketing objectives and your budget. While some organisations may think that the free services are enough for their purposes, others could decide that the improved visibility and possible leads exceed the cost.

Which free advertising platforms are you currently using for your business? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below!

12 Free Advertising Platforms That Are Essential for Your Business Growth

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